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This company, Rent and Roll, or R&R wheels or whatever, has the worst customer service ever. The manager, I believe his name is Rick Holmes, is the worst person to run the store in Little Rock Arkansas.

I do not know this man personally, however, the reviews tell it all, as well as the way he treated me in store as well as over the phone. Using language towards me like "you're a little punk" and calling me a liar, not being willing to talk to me about the situation, and hanging up a business phone in my face, and did NOT pick it up again for another 45 minutes. The situation could have been avoided or even diminished some, however, this rude, unprofessional staff that you guys have running the store, is going to run you guys out of business. This is the most professional honest review in my eyes.

Along side the manager, an employee by the name of Juan was very harassing as well. Lets not forget the fact that they took the tires that I paid for!

This could be a lawsuit. This could be a very intense civil matter, and with the type of reviews against this company now, they won't last too much longer!

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I believe this store is fraud always.near.the hood taking advantage of lower class people and im getting a lawyer

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